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30th June 1999 Eric Clapton and Friends Show at MSG.


It was announced to start the show 19:30.
But the show started at 20:00


Recorded Clapton speach was broadcasted as Driftin' Blues.


Black suite and short cut hair.
Clapton appeared with his band.

Clapton said about CROSSROAD@CENTRE,
and played a MFE intro phraze.

My Father's Eyes

It was very good arrange.
Steve Gad was good.

Hoochie Coochie Man

Rythm was very tight. It was good.

Reconsider Baby

VH-1 broadcasted this one on web cast.
Did you see?


It was better than '97 Japan tour.
But I think Pilgrim tour '98 was perfect.

River of Tears

This was different from original version arrange.
It as very good.

Featured Dabid Sanborn:
Goin' Down Slow

Clapton said about first guest.

Going Down Slow started with saxhorn.
It was Dabid Sanborn!!

It just looked like Legends tour '97.


Featured Sheryl Crow

Next, A guitar man appeared.
And played intro phraze.
Clapton introduced "Sheryl Crow"

She was white long dress with Base.

My Favorite Mistake
Makes You Happy
Run Baby Run
Leaving Las Vegas
Difficult Kind

Sorry I don't know her and her songs.....

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