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30th June 1999 Eric Clapton and Friends Show at MSG.

EC band with Sheryl Crow and Dabid Sanborn:
Little Wing

Next song,

Wah! it was Little Wing!!

I heared once in '75 Japan tour.

Clapton sang with Sheryl Crow.
Evey audience stood up

Sanborn also had a solo.
It was very good performance.

Featured Mary J. Blige:
Do Right Woman
Be Happy
Love No Limit
My Life
Not Gonna Cry

Sorry I don't know her.

Do you know why she and Clapton are friend?

Many audience left their seats during her performance.
It was not so good.......

Eric Clapton Band:
Tears In Heaven

Next was acoustic set.
Clapton had a steal string guitar. Not nilon.
That guitaer was Martin 000-28 EC Signature Model.

Change The World

This was good.
Sambone performance was good.

Old Love

Acoustic set was done.
Always Clapton played unplugged Layla, but he never did.......

TimCalmon had a good performance about his keybord that was like a flog.


Wah, I love this.

Sambone' solo was also good.

Wonderful Tonight

It was alway played after Badge.
Katie's performance was good.


We could hear D string from keyboad..

I was sure it would come.

Plugged LAYLA!

I had been waiting so long.


Sanborn played with Clapton piano part.
it was good.

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