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30th June 1999 Eric Clapton and Friends Show at MSG.

To New York

Some months ago Christies announced about Clapton guitar Auction.
I was interested in Auction. So I asked to my New Youk friend how to go.
One month later she e-mailed to me "EC will have a show at MSG, will you come?"

Auction or Concert.
It was very hard for me to choice one.
Of course I want to visit both, but I couldn't have so many vacation..........

I said "I want to visit concert"

This is the first visit to New York for me.

This is me.

Arrive New York

Do you know how many time difference from NY to Tokyo?

It is 13 hours. It is just half day!.
It was very far and tired.

Go to MSG

I visited NILES resterant before the show with friend.
There was a party for fan of Clapton named GET TOGETHER.

I could meet some slowhanders. Thank you.

But I couldn't have any food, so I left and walked around MSG.

Looking forward to

At Entrance

I was looking forward to get some gods.
But there was any programme and any gods.
There was only T-shirt that was printed CROSSROADS.

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