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9th 10th Feb. 2001 Eric Clapton Reptile world tour at RAH 2.

Its alright (by Impressons)

Impressons appeared.
They had red suit on 9th show.
And black suit on 10th.

They were wonderful.

Finally got myself together

This song was also furtured by Impressons.

Got you on my mind
(New album song)

This is the new album's song.
This song is E key cord blues.
Chorus was very good.

Aint gonna stand for it
(New album song)

This is also the new album song.

This is written by Stevie Wonder.

I love live version more than CD album.
Impressons had very pretty dance when they sang "nana"

Lyrics is here here

In this show EC played C key cord.
But album CD is A key cord.

Don't let me be lonely tonight
(New album song)

I also love this song very much.
EC 's voice was very painful.

Travelling light
(New album song)

This is JJ Cale's song.
His song are very characteristic.
This song is also good more than CD version.

Hoochie Coohie Man

EC continue to start this song.
Play was average.


Cocaine (9th) 
Have you ever loved a woman(10th)

EC played Cocaine on 9th.
Play was average.

And EC played Have you ever loved a woman on 10th.
EC had very good performance.



I love this song.
Play was average.


Wonderful tonight

I was very interested about this song.
Because in the live Katie always sang at the end of the song.

But Katie doesn't join this tour.

David Sancious played keyboad this part.
But I don't agree this arrangement.

I think EC should use Impressons more.
But they don't join all of the tour.



EC always starts Dm cord ad-lib.
Electric Layla was played the first time in 9 years.

I was happy to see Layla at RAH.

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