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9th 10th Feb. 2001 Eric Clapton Reptile world tour at RAH.


RAH is not so large hall.
Many seat are very close to stage.
It is very easy to see the stage and EC.
I love stalls seats.
But  sound system of RAH is not so good.
I think RAH is the "watching" hall.


I hadn't seen Doyle Brahall.
My impresson is he is like Jimmy Hendrix.
It is very good sound.
His solo guitar was similer with EC sound.
It is very easy to hear for me.

Driftin'i9thj@Key to the highway (10th)

At last Eric Clapton appeared.
He sat and played alone with his Martin guiter.
9th opening song was Driftin'.


I think Reptile is very good song.
Percusion rhythm was very impressive.

Tears in heaven

3rd song was this.
I was just little disappointed with this set list.
Because I knew this tour is very similer with Japan tour 99.

Bell bottom blues

4th was this.
I understood this tour is 99 Japan tour + some new songs.
Song was good.

But I love 99 Japan tour set.
because Katie and tessa's chorus was good.

Change the world

I have no impression.

 EC cancelled 7th show.
We worried about his voice.
But it was very good.
I was relieved.

My father's eyes

EC changed his guitar.
His new strato is very psychedelic.
I like black one....

MFE was good.

River of tears

At the Japan tour 99 EC had some different guitar cord progress.
But in this tour he had normal cord.

Goin' Down Slow

It was very good for me.
Tempo was very fast and aggressives.


She's Gone

This also was good.

But these songs were same as Japan tour.

EC introduced Impressons.
He said " my hero ".

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