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13th Aug 2001 Eric Clapton Show at Las Vegas.

It is beginning

Although that is right anywhere, only a half was buried and a seat did not become precocious. I felt that it was to a slight degree at the time of RAH. Lighting falls and it is just before 20:00 beginning. Since the family was not hearing the song of Doyle, we took a seat.

Doyle Bramhall

It is the first time in two months. There is not her a wife. Child-care leave??


It was an appearance once around 8:45 after a break. A dress was casual appearance. 
Did it grow fat? It is delicate. The bottom of a cheek is superfluous flesh. Probably, this also has the belly considerably.


Key to the highway

It was the start as usual. However, the United States was noisy. EC's voice had came out well and was rather good.



The 2nd music was this. Although I heared it after a long time, I was good. Mr. Billy Preston's keyboard was Good very much in the touch too digested from the time of NY.


Got you on my mind

The 3rd music is this. After coming to the United States, it was this music arranged all the time here. Although NY was also so, the way of this version using an acoustic guitar regards me as good.

Tears in heaven 

The 4th music was this. 
It was good in a U.S. public performance to sing such music in chorus all together. those who can sing in Japan -- it is few Touch that a chorus wraps the hall is very good. Once it is good, do you want to sing all together also in Japan?


Bell bottom blues 

The 5th music was this. This wins popularity in the United States. I think that it will be the music which almost all people are wanting to listen to. It will be together with 99 years of that time and impression of Japanese people.


Change the world

Although it must not say that it is coarse, it is audible as passed. Isn't there any he weariness?


My Father's Eyes

I also regard the addlib of an intro part as having come to go exactly with the sound of a keyboard completely. me it is favorite, even if it hears it how many times, it does not become strangely

River of Tears

Although this has the live overwhelmingly better than an album, it has become a toilet break as usual. However, the solo of the second half says this latest song very much, and it has many performances. 
While having sung, does it ride gradually? It says solo, becomes touch and is also all the members standing up all at once in a spectator this time.

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