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21th and 22th  June 2001 Eric Clapton Show at las.

Goin' Down Slow

It was doing by the version with comparatively early tempo. I think that such earlier ones of this music are good.

She's Gone

It is Em so that it may rush in from front music, and it is a guitar solo. Although a parenthesis is always good, this time and a cheer have in becoming the highlight of the first half greatly and are deep.

I want a little girl

It is the music adopted after becoming an American public performance. Although it thinks that this music is fairly difficult, it is a song very good for hearing it thoroughly. Also as for this, the live is better than CD.


Badge which had escaped from the set list of 1st legs has revived in 2nd leg. This lover. Touch of the keyboard of the place of Em9 differs from former. 
However, why can Travelling light be stopped? ....

Hoochie Coohie Man 

It shifts to this music on eight drums forcibly from the ending of Badge. the person whom this also likes as for Americans -- many .

Stomy Monday
It was Monday today. Although it thought that it would surely be here, it was too here. The time given to the keyboard of Mr. Billy and Mr. David Sancious although it was these slow blues increases, the time of the solo of EC decreases, and it is now. although Mr. Billy had won popularity unreasonably, I want EC to flip here in large numbers more too -- it came out, and it is peevish, and . Andy also withdrew at the beginning of music and came out at the end

The person whom this also likes as for Americans -- many . But I feel that those who shout in voice loud recently, Cocaine decreased in number.

Wonderful Tonight

The introduction by the latest live is that encouragement when a guitar intro sounds is large although it begins from Gmaj7 calmly. either, if this encouragement is heard -- conviction However, there was the thing with a bad tune or noise of amplifier, and EC was also worried.


The low-pitched sound of D flowed out of the keyboard here. Clapton is also making sound with the scale of Dm. 
Dabid joined with his strato caster. 

It once withdraws.



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