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21th and 22th June 2001 Eric Clapton Show at las.

Will It Go Round In Circles 

Encore started in several minutes. Mr. Billy's hit song starts suddenly. Although it is the first, of course, it is the song with rather sufficient laver which I hear. It is large laver wholly so that this music may be quite standard to it in the United States. Is Billy Mr. high blood pressure OK?

Sunshine of your love

Encore is only this much recently. It was unsatisfying.


Somewhere over the rainbow

GibsonL5 was held and it sat down again. This music was flipped after carrying out member introduction. Finally in member introduction, Nathen called it Eric Clapton. Soft air as if it expressed the way of life from which the power of the present EC escaped wraps the large hall. a spectator -- an everybody mouth -- although it is careless, it is glad that it was the face filled enough wholly It was a performance member although it became the last.

Eric Clapton (guitar/vocals)
Andy Fairweather Low (guitar)
Nathan East (bass)
Steve Gadd (drums)
David Sancious(keyboards)
Billy Preston(keyboards)



It was breathed out from the hall, leaving the reverberation of Over the rainbow. Since it was a family companion truly, we wanted to ride on Taxi early, and it went to the exit simultaneously with the end of music. Although it returned to the hotel safely together with  for 15 minutes.
the sequence in front of the hall, it has already been near at 12:00.


It was rather good. The performance itself thinks especially that it was the contents of being not too bad. However, I was able to carry out skilled  of the atmosphere in the wonderful hall in character with the United States, and a bright spectator's atmosphere.

Thank you very much to EC and LasVegas.

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