Change The World Tour News Flash
"Change The World Japan Tour "
A News Flash

 Eric Clapton "Change The World Japan Tour" had done. About 130,000 person visited to meet EC in this Japan tour.
It was wonderful weeks and we were happy to meet EC.

I will introduce setlist, tour programme, tour T-shirt, impression and some other things.

1st week Setlist&Impression 
from 13 Oct. to 17 Oct.
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2nd week Setlist&Impression 
from 20 Oct. to 25 Oct.
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3rd week Setlist&Impression 
from 27 Oct. to 31 Oct.
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100th marks in Japan 
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Items of Japan tour (T-shirt,Mouse pad,etc)
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Some information 
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New song Broken Hearted Lyrics and Guitar cord 
Please click here.
(Special thanks to Diana)
Japan tour programme 
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Mr Yoshino "Crossroads"reports many detail impression. Please visit to Crossroads.
Crossroads is here

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