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17th Aug 2001 Eric Clapton Show at LA


It was how to be buried like a half in 8:00 also here. As usual, Ree introduced Mr. Dolye and started. however, this hall -- being large . If it says, it will be touch that RAH was expanded huge. That is, the seat for audience has enclosed the surroundings of an arena gradually in the shape of a stole, the Box seat for three steps is on it, and RAH is resembled in composition by touch that a seat for audience is further on it. It is said that the accommodation number is in a completely different class, of course, and here StapesCenter is about 20,000 people. At the time of EC appearance, it was no vacancy mostly today.

Doyle Bramhall

Mr. Dolye took with his wife and the man of a guitar, and he was six-person composition.


It seemed that there was no Lespole guitar also in a stage sleeve today. Although it is amplifier, the two step pile of not Tweed but Vibro-King and Vibro-King 212 Speaker Enclosure was conjectured. However, it was that it was at a knob or their not being correctly a special order, an old thing, and commercial elegance so that it might pinch and a surrounding plate may be different. The microphone had become the lower box.

Key to the highway

It was the start as usual. However, it is noisy as usual. A audience is a large cheer.



The 2nd music was this. Set list does not have change. I feel that it is frank also here.


Got you on my mind

The 3rd music was this. Nathen was blue, EC was white and Andy was red clothes this time. LasVegas was also this. For NY, EC is blue. The sense of dress regarded me as bad.


Tears in heaven 

The 4th music was this. There was no chorus of a spectator.


Bell bottom blues 

The 5th music was this. This music won popularity also here.

Change the world

This was the same as LasVegas and common. Isn't EC tired?


My Father's Eyes

It was an electric guitar. 
It was not a usual guitar! It was an appearance with Strato Sunburst! Whatever it might try to be, the knob and the pickup have yellowed considerably. Does it go by this today??? Just as it became an intro, sound did not come out well. EC also went to the place of amplifier and was turning the knob considerably. If it began to sing EC which would be carried out what, it will have forgotten the words of No. 2. EC became silent between one vibrant tunes. It is hummed, without the ability also remembering the following vibrant tune. EC has become amusing completely about whether didn't the sound of a guitar come out and it was confused. However, an everybody audience is a cheer. It was cheering with OKOK!. EC also smiled bitterly and its footing was regained there.

River of Tears

The solo was also done somehow and it finished shorter. After the staff talked with EC, it exchanged to the usual guitar. It would be in that guitar. However, Sunburst Strato which was a momentary occurrence was also good as an accident. 
It was River of tears usual at any rate. Although it started ordinarily, it exploded, when it became a solo. This music  also rises gradually. It is not called CD, so that it does not become a comparison. I of having heard ROT which exploded this much was the first. A audience's cheer and the guitar of EC were involved and it was a goose-bumps thing. The first music of this day was this.

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