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17th Aug 2001 Eric Clapton Show at LA.

Will It Go Round In Circles 

It has returned by encore a little early too. This Mr. Billy's music was a big hit. It came out in front of the stage, also danced Billy  today, and was large laver. It was worried with whether it falls.

Sunshine of your love

It is fairly monotonous. I think that I may not need to do this any longer, either.


Somewhere over the rainbow

EC held GibsonL5 and sat down. This music is flipped after carrying out member introduction. Finally in member introduction, Nathen called it Eric Clapton like LasVegas. It was a large cheer. A performance member is the same.

Eric Clapton (guitar/vocals)
Andy Fairweather Low (guitar)
Nathan East (bass)
Steve Gadd (drums)
David Sancious(keyboards)
Billy Preston(keyboards)



Although it was an uncanny person, from the parking lot, it came out immediately and FreeWay was also able to ride immediately. The road was congested with no less than 11:30.


I thought that I was very good. The performance of EC itself thinks especially that it was the contents of being not too bad. However, explosion of River of tears was the highest. 
However, there was also music which does not remain in an impression. I thought that it was synthetically common.
But in the long tour from February, fusion within the band of David of a keyboard thought generally that it may have become very good especially. It was isolated at the time of RAH, and it was felt and carried out. However, Dabid is the touch which became the member of EC band in the United States. Moreover, this US tour had a large participating meaning of Billy. In the blues, the solo of EC decreased and there were instead many solos of Billy. However, it was very good. Mr. Billy is a halfway legendary person. A audiencer thinks that understand well and he had sent the greatest praise. The appointment of Impressions of RAH was good on Reptile tour literally. This US tour had good appointment of Billy. I think that I was each, good tour, and a performance.

 I am looking forward to the Japanese public performance very much.

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