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Eric Clapton 2023 Japan tour start from 15th Apr.
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21/Apr@Today is the 100th anniversary of the Budokan
24/Apr ; EC has last 6th gig. Tour had done. Thank you Eric, See you again in Tokyo

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Last night MC by Eric,
Wefd like to say, thank you, again and again and again.
For your support, for your kindness and your appreciation to what we do. It means so much.
I think the world of this place, I love the Budokan, I love you guys. So I thought, before I came out here, the decision is probably, it would be, it would be time to say good-bye, you know. Ha-ha, I donft think so, I donft think so.
I donft know if Ieve got to keep going and therefs no stopping, no stopping.
Today is the 100th anniversary of the Budokan, which UDO stirred up so much.
Are there any surprises or not? Or is it just a bouquet of flowers from a woman in kimono from the 100th anniversary of the 1997 Japan concert?
I'm looking forward to it in many ways, whether it will make me laugh or move me (laughs).
The shops are queuing up an hour before they open.
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15 Apr. ( Sat ) Budoukan, Tokyo
The first day was very good. It was full of surprises.
Of course, the ending didn't fit a bit or something. But the sound of the band, the distortion of the guitars, the loudness, it was a very rocking show.
The voices were very good and I was overwhelmed by the youthfulness of the band.
18 Apr. ( Tue ) Budoukan, Tokyo
Today's concert was just as good as the first day.
I thought it was nice to hear a lot of fingerpicking on the Strat, but the fingerpicking sounded better.
Today we talked about JJCale and friend Jeff, and in particular, I thought the theme was the mourning colour of the acoustic guitar set.
19 Apr. ( Wed ) Budoukan, Tokyo
On this third day, Eric had become more accustomed to the music, and he was able to pace himself without hesitation, and he didn't seem to run out of gas at the end of the song.
Eric talked a little about the names of the people to whom the songs were dedicated.
The memorial songs in the middle part of the show are especially poignant when you think about them.
I think the fact that Doyle was given the intro to Layla at the end of the show may have come from the tiredness mode, but it still had to be done this way.
It might be the position I was in that I felt the overall volume was a little lower.
This tour has made me realise how good Eric's fingerpicking is.
21 Apr. ( Fri ) Budoukan, Tokyo
Today's show is the 100th anniversary of the Budokan. I think the performance was very good. That's because my seat tonight was too good (front row) to observe from a bird's eye view. I just tried to appreciate Eric in front of me. My own opinion is that it was a long performance in terms of overall playing time and he did a pretty good job with all the songs. They played well without running out of petrol. He did it without a hitch. However, especially in the second half, his expression became a little calmer. He was quite smiling when UDO presented him with 100 large roses and a plaque before the encore and invited his good friends from UDO to take a photo with him. Your daughters watched a little up your sleeve during the process. I don't know if it was a rebellious rock spirit or bigotry to put LAYLA through on this memorable occasion, but almost everyone was OMG (laughs)! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
22 Apr. ( Sat ) Budoukan, Tokyo
Today we're approaching the last corner and it's going to be like it always is? Layla changed again to Cocaine. I think they did a good job with the performance, and I was impressed by their fingerpicking, which is really good as ever.
24 Apr. ( Mon ) Budoukan, Tokyo
Yesterday everything was full, even the standing room. He was in a good mood after going to Tonkatsu with friends for lunch yesterday, and was in a good mood when he said the song was JJCale, said it was a traditional song at SamHall, and talked for a long time during the first MC time of the acoustic guitar. The performance was dubious at times, but they got back on track at the end with IShot, and many people said it was good when they heard around them at the launch. They were playing with Sonny at the end of Call Me The Breeze, and after the show they bowed deeply to each member in the Japanese style. I had a sense of relief at the end of the show.

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