Japan Tours impression

My 2times impressions of Clapton Japan tours

I went to all Clapton fourteen tours in Japan from 1974. In this over 20 years I went almost concerts in Japan.

I'll introduce my short impression of Clapton all tours in Japan.

1974:1st Japan tour

I couldn't believe I could see Clapton in Japan. It was too exciting I didn't remember details. Clapton played "Let It Grow" only this tours. I want to hear once more.

1975:2nd Japan tour

In those days Everyone thronged under the stage. Firstly Clapton played "Layla". "Tell The Truth" was played very long.

1977:3rd Japan tour

Opening was The Core ( You can hesr in Crossroads2 ). I like this. Marcy Levy was good well.

1979:4th Japan tour

I was so happy that I knew live recording at Budoukan. It was named "Just One Night". In this concert "Layla" was played short version for record. But I thought it was not so good. We couldn't hear "Layla" in "Just One Night" as expected.

1981:5th Japan tour

I was pleased with "Another Ticket". I like this very much. Recently we can't hear this.

In those days "Layla" was played the first half tune. Clapton played solo guitar over 10 minutes in "Layla". I like piano part. Do you think so ?

In this tour I could hear "Shadow of pale". I could heared "She's Waiting".

1985:6th Japan tour

I like this tour. You can see this tour situation in video. Clapton tours were always simple. But in this tour they were absorbed in lighting system. "Let It Rain" was good.

1987:7th Japan tour

In this tour I could hear Robert Crey. "Lay Down Sally" was played using fadeout technique with lighting system. It was good.

1988:8th Japan tour

This Tour was jointed with Elton Jhon and Mark Noprer. It was great tour. In this tour I could hear slow version "After Midnight". This Tour was telecasted and I recorded. It's a my treasure.

1990:9th Japan tour

This tour was named "Journey Man Tour". I think this tour was best tour in Clapton's twelfth Japan Tours. I think his member was great and Japan tour was last tour in world tour. I could hear "Bihind The Mask" in Yokohama. I was very happy. Anyway Clapton played almost same songs in his tours. If you can hear another song you are luckey.
Before concerts we could hear Layla orchestra tape. It was great. I couldn't hear orchestra nights in London. I want to go to London!!

"Wonderful Tonight" changed good direct. Katie Kasoon's vocal and Clapton guitar were played together. It's great.

1991:10th Japan tour

Clapton jointed with George Harison in Tokyo Dome. Clapton band was good sound in Clapton's music but not so good in George's music. I guess band members practiced not enough. Clapton played only 4 songs. But it was interested in his songs. Clapton played "Old Love""Wonderful Tonight" !!! What do you think?

1993:11th Japan tour

This tour was the tour after "Unplugged". Clapton played blues in the first half concert. And Clapton played popular songs in the after half concert. I like this patern concerts. My greatest pleasure was "Circus Left Town". I love this song.

1995:12th Japan tour

This was so famous tour named "Nothing But The Blues Tour". I play acoustic guitar instead of electric guitar. This tours were very simple. But all concerts were sold out. I was very happy.

1997:13th Japan tour

This Japan tour was like a set meal. Many famous songs were played. This tour was not my best favorite tour.
But 4 new songs were very good for me. I'm looking foward to new album. And Joe Sample on Old love was excellent.
I could meet many people at Budoukan and e-mailed many people. It was wonderful for me.

1999:14th Japan tour

I think this Japan tour was one of the best tour.
EC had very exciting shows. There was no bad show.
We could hear Bell Bottom Blues on unplugged set. I think this is the first in his tours.
Please see detail at the Japn tour corner.

2001:15th Japan tour

I think this Japan tour was not the best tour.
Same set list, same show time, I think that this tour was without surprise.
I think that long tour is impossible as he says.
I  think RAH was the best of this year.

2003:16th Japan tour

I think this Japan tour was very good tour.
All shows were very high level shows. Set list had no new album song but we could enjoy enough.
And we know that new Robert Jhonson tribute album has some Japan tour setlist songs.
Especially I think Kind hearted woman was very good.
In the second half of tour Andy had vocal on Big lights, big city.
EC seemed that he could have relax time on this song. So EC had a good performance on next song (Kind hearted woman).
I think EC had better transfer his some songs vocal to Andy.

2006:17th Japan tour
I think this tour was one of the best Japan tour.
Set list were big change from the first night to the final night
Especially the last night was the DOMINOS night.
Litlle wing, Why does love were played for the first time in about 30 years.
Derek and Doyle and Eric 3 guitars were amazing

2009:18th Japan tour
I think this Japan tour was very good.
High light was  two shows with Jeff Beck at Saitama.
We could see two different type shows at once. (exanple Layla played both version)

2011:19th Japan tour
I think this Japan tour was very good.
Eric visited a lot of cities and many shows.
Wonderful Tonight was made new arrange during tour (to acoustic)
Winwood was fantastic.

2014:20th Japan tour
I think this Japan tour was not best tour.
1) Members were changed for this tour. It seemd their practice time was so short.
Gad had a lot of mistakes. (Nathen was good every time. )
2) Setlist was not so good. 
3) There was no second guitar. So it seems Eric was always busy.

2016: 21th Japan tour
I think this Japan tour was very good and very emotional tour..
Eric took many songs from the new album that was released shortly after the tour.
Eric came to Japan by this recording member of this new album.
It was a wonderful tour with a great breath.
It was very surprising that Ed Sylan made a guest appearance.


2019: 22th Japan tour
Highlight was the first day.
Electric LAYLA was played for first time 10 years in Japan (6 years in the world)
John Mayer appeared last encore number Cocaine.
Wanna make love to you was played first time in Japan.
Electric Layla was played just only first show. Other shows were played by acoustic version.
Awesome show first night was. 

I'm looking forward to what kind of tour it will be.
I will update after the next tour

An extra

I lived in Ookurayama town near Yokohama city. The streets were closed nearby my house. I heared new hall constructed. I wished I could see Clapton here. Some years passed, at last I could see Clapton there in '90. I was very happy!