CLAPTON コンサートナンバー
Japan Tour Concert Numbers

I introduce all songs ranking that Clapton played in 22 times Japan tours. (1974--2019)
Eric played over 160 songs in Japan!!

Electric LAYLA again!! (after 10 years in Japan) And Wanna make love to you was the first time in Japan (2019)

Clapton plays almost same songs in his tour except one or two songs.

But  Eric changed set list every 2 days in this 2006 tour.
Especially last 3 shows Eric played rare DOMINOS songs (Little Wing, Any Day, Why does love)

In '91 Clapton had some concerts with George Harison. I omit his songs.(Clapton played only 4 songs.)

Perhaps there are some songs that played only once or twice,but I don't include. Don't take it amiss.
Especially EC seems to play Bell Bottom Blues 1975 at Osaka. But I don't know. So I don't mention

I guess if you will go to Clapton concert, Please listen to top 10 songs and new CD songs (latest new CD) before
concert. So you'll be able to enjoy every songs at concert !

Please check it out this PDF file.

To Clapton song ranking PDF file