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30th June 2001 Eric Clapton and Friends Show at las.

To West coast

I visited RAH on feb and NY on June.
It is said that this tour is the last big world tour.
I hoped to attend some more shows at the foreign venues.
This Las Vegas was a public performance called remaining four in the second half of the U.S.  2nd leg of Reptile world tour.

This was second visit to Las Vegas show for me.
I visited here 1998.
EC had Pilgrim tour and EC had a show at MGM hotel arena.

I visited here with my family.
My son Shun has 4 times to sttend EC shows.
My daughter Lisa has 3 times.
And my wife has over 10 times.
But they were first time to attend the forgin country show.

This is me.

Shun & Lisa 

Arrive at Las Vegas

We family traveled Disney Land at Anaheim and moved to Las Vegas by air. 

Disney California advencher


Go to Hotel

We stayed at Bellagio at Strip street.
Venue was near by Hard Rock Hotel.
But we choiced convinience place.

View of the venue from aircraft. 

Hotel Bellagio


At Entrance of Venue

I met good Slowhander friend at the venue.
We met in 1998 at here(MGM grand arena).
I was very glad to meet again!


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