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17th Aug 2001 Eric Clapton Show at LosAngels.


It is LosAngels. The last arrival point of the U.S. version 2nd leg of Reptile world tour will be LosAngels several days from the Las Vegas public performance. 
As for here, 17 or 18 days and 2 public performances were performed. 
Only the public performance on the 17th left the family to the hotel, and I have performed it to StapesCenter of the downtown which is a friend's welcoming and is also the headquarters of the Lakers of a basket.


After LA re-arrival, 

Now the family looked at EC show on the 13th, it returned to back LA which played LasVegas on several, and went to Universal City with Universal Studio this time. 
There were eating and drinking and a souvenir store town which adjoins Universal Studio and becomes CityWalk, and there was also hardrockcafe.


Let's go to the Venue

Since an American friend  picked me up at a hotel in the evening on the 17th on the day, a family was another action. Since it had reserved from Japan for the VIP tour Japanese guide version of Universal Studio from the morning till then, it participated in this all together.
I return to a hotel in the evening and waited for a friend's welcoming. A friend is a friend since 97. They are a few persons experienced in a Bushido hall. The conventional center also reached a certain Stapes Center early rather than the direction which went in a freeway to a downtown was vacant and it considered from the Hollywood side. However, parking lot 20$ was too high. 
500 yen of a Bushido hall were cheaper.




It is the beautiful hall. It is also a deer and is a paddle! Although I wanted the goods of the Lakers to the son of a basket lover, the store was closed truly. I buy no EC goods. It is the beginning of a concert.

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