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"'99 Japan Tour News Flash"

Tonight was the last show.
EC had the great and the best show.
Thank you Mr Eric Clapton!!!
the first night report :09 Nov.
This is the first Night report from my friend.
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EC's last tour of '90's, 1999 Japan Tour has started at Budokan Tokyo from
9th November.
At ten past seven, the lights went off and the music from TDF album stopped.
Eric was walking in to the stage from the right hand side of the stage with
his guitar followed by the other members. It was a very simple stage
without any gimmicks other than instruments. Eric was in the half sleeve
light blue shirts and the rolled up blue jeans with the raced up boots on.
The glasses look different from the one from the Chronicles jacket picture.
It was a silver framed smaller one. The guitar was black Fender Eric
Clapton signature Stratocaster with black Ernie Ball strap hooked into
Fender tweed Twin amp through effecters as usual. The other 6 members are
all dressed in black.
The first tune was gMy Father's Eyesh as expected. There were no slide
guitar part but Eric played the lead in the intro. Next two blues tunes
were gHoochie Coohie Manh and gReconsider Babyh both from gFrom the
Cradleh. In my opinion, he is in the best form when he plays the blues. As
he gets older, the blues fits him better. Ifm sure he likes to play the
blues the best, and I like him playing the blues the best. Then he played 4
pilgrim songs, gGoing Down Slowh, gRiver of Tearsh, gPilgrimh and
gShefs Goneh.
After that, they changed into the acoustic set. The first one was gRambling
on My Mindh which was one of the best performance of the night. He played
the Dobro with the glass bottle neck bar on his little finger. I felt like
listening real Robert Johnson. I do hope he will continue to play like this
in the small halls when he becomes 70 years old. Then he changed to Martin
000-28EC and started the intro of gBell Bottom Bluesh. It was
unbelievable for us to listen him to play this rarely live played song. It
sounded like the original gLaylah version than one in the g24 Nightsh.
It was definitely the highlights in the show. (At least for maniac old
fans.) Then he continued the hit medley, gTears in Heavenh and gChange
the Worldh. (For non-maniac new fans.)
The band changed back to the electric set but somehow Andy Fairweather Low
was spotlighted instead of Eric. I though it was the mistake but it was
not. It was a big surprised for us Suddenly Andy started singing the heavy
blues called gGin Househ. It was a big surprise for us. It was nice to
hear Eric playing very heavy slide solo. Then he continued promised
gCocaineh and heavy gOld Loveh followed by gBadgeh and gWonderful
Then he started playing the most dramatic intro of the rock music, which was
the long waited electric version of gLaylah. We expected this to happen
as he didnft play this song in the acoustic set. It was me at 15 years old
who froze on the arena when I heard this song first time in the opening of
the show at the same place, the Budokan 24 years ago. Since that day, I
have never be able to get out of this world. The laid-backed latter part of
the song is also very good. After that I thought he started the gCocaineh
again but it was the intro of gSunshine of Your Loveh which was the last
song before encore. There were 3 vocal part which were Andy, Nathan and
The encore was gBefore You Accuse Meh. He walked out from the stage about
quarter past nine.
11th Nov. Nagoya show set list :11th Nov.
13th Nov. Fukuoka show set list :16th Nov.
15th Nov. Osaka show set list :16th Nov.
16th Nov. Osaka show set list :16th Nov.
17th Nov. Osaka show set list :17th Nov.
19th Nov. Tokyo show set list :19th Nov.
20th Nov. Tokyo show set list :20th Nov.
22th Nov. Tokyo show set list :23th Nov.
24th Nov. Tokyo show set list :24th Nov.
26th Nov. Tokyo show set list :26th Nov.
27th Nov. Tokyo show set list :27th Nov.
29th Nov. Tokyo show set list :29th Nov.
30th Nov. Tokyo show set list :30th Nov.
Tour Programme :25th Nov.
Tour Items :03th Dec.

I got this!!
EricClapton japan Tour start from 09th Nov to 30th Nov.

I will join 11shows. 09th 13th 15th 19th 20th 22th 24th 26th 27th 29th 30th Nov.

I will try to update every shows as much as possible.

I wait e-mail from all you.


Set List & Impression
9th Nov.(Tue) Budoukan Tokyo
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11th Nov. (Thu) Aichi Taiikukan, Nagoya
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3th Nov. (Sat) Fukuoka Messe, Fukuoka
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15th Nov. (Mon) Osaka jo Hall,Osaka
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16th Nov. (Tue) Osaka jo Hall,Osaka
Now available
17th Nov. (Wed) Osaka jo Hall,Osaka
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19th Nov. (Fri) Budoukan Tokyo
Now available
20th Nov. (Sat) Budoukan Tokyo
Now available
22nd Nov. (Mon) Budoukan Tokyo
Now available
24th Nov. (Wed) Yokohama Arena, Yokohama
Now available
26th Nov. (Fri) Budoukan Tokyo
Now available
27th Nov. (Sat) Budoukan Tokyo
Now available
29th Nov. (Mon) Budoukan Tokyo
Now available
30th Nov. (Tue) Budoukan Tokyo
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Japan tour items
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Japan tour programme
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