Japan tour first week report
Eric Clapton 2003 Japan Tour


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This Yokohama is my home town.
I love this venue.

26 Nov (Ykohama Arena  Yokohama)
"2003 Japan Tour" 7th show


01.When you've got a good friend
>> directly going into >>
03.I shot the sheriff
04.Bell bottom blues
05.Reconsider Baby
06.Can't find my way home
07.White room
08.I want a little girl
09.Got my mojo working
10.Hoochie coochie man
11.Change the world

Before you accuse me
River of tears
15.Lay down Sally
16.Wonderful tonight
18.Knockin' on heaven's door
20.Sunshine of your love
21.Somewhere over the rainbow

Short impression ; @

From my friend report
Yokohama Arena 26 November 2003

The show was scheduled to start at 7pm but actually got under way about 7:15pm to a packed audience. I had an excellent seat in the 11th row from the stage. Eric started off with his usual "komban wa" (Good Evening) and then launched on his own into When You've Got A Good Woman.
After a few minutes he was joined by the rest of the band. They blended after a while quite well into Crossroads. He gave a very efficient solo on this particular song. Maybe I am biased as this was the first Clapton concert that I had attended. Eric then launched into Sheriff much to the appreciation of the audience. Eric sounded in good voice on this track.
Excellent solo in the middle.
This was followed by the ever popular Bell Bottom Blues from way back in the D&D days, always a crowd pleaser. It is very difficult to get Japanese audiences emotional, but this is one song of the select few that certainly gets them singing along. It certainly happened on this occasion. This was followed by Reconsider Baby, another blues track originally by Lowell Fulson. This track was somewhat shorter at about 4 minutes. The band backed him up admirably. Then it was time for Nathan East to give his vocal talents to "Can't Find My Way Home". Another efficient solo from Eric. Eric thanked Nathan for his contribution ( as
he should do). The band then launched into White Room  accompanied by the dazzling lighting effects. An excellent solo by EC in the middle
This was followed by a more recent track, "I Want A Little Girl" that, to the best of my knowledge only surfaced in concert at Texas in 2001.
It was an experience for me. What followed was one of the the outstanding songs from this tour. Got My Mojo Working. This is one track that I looked forward to at every concert. All of the band seemed to enjoy playing this particular song. Chris Stainton was  really moving
the keyboards along. Eric again was in fine voice with this one.
one got the whole audience rocking. What followed was Hoochie Coochie Man. Nothing to write home about but efficient. Then Eric moved into Change The World, another favourite with the Yokohama crowd. It seemed to me that most of the audience really loved this track. Good solos in the early parts of the track.  This was followed by Before You Accuse Me another track from the Journeyman days. Some competent solo work in the middle. Now came a favourite...Badge. (No mention of our old friend George Harrison who also had a hand in writing this song).
allround musician work from the band.
Now came River Of Tears another crowd favourite...nothing to write home about. The band and EC gave an acceptable performance but were not really giving their best.
Now came Lay Down Sally which got the audience on their feet again. This is always something guaranteed to get the crowd moving. Nice guitar licks on this one by Andy Fairweather-Low along with a  strong vocal by EC.
Well, what followed was the obligatory Wonderful Tonight..(I suppose it hyas to be done, sometime)..as a first time audience member I got my first set of goose pimples as this was played, at it was what was requested at my daughter's wedding  ( who could I to argue).....I don't care what you all think, it was something special to me. It will alwaysremain in my memory until....whatever..... Thanks EC. It was something that reminded me of good times. What more can you ask????.
Well the next track got every one up on their feet from the first fewbars....yes...Cocaine. Everyone punching the air, that was something to behold. I really enjoyed this last part of the show. Hey..the crowd was somewhere else!!!. And didn't care who saw them. An excellent offering by EC and his band...what more could a first attender at an EC concert
Now we came to the closing part of the show.....Knockin' On Heaven's Door was the next track. Great guitar work and everyone punching the air.  Now came the finale....LAYLA...goose pimps from one who has not heard this played LIVE before. And Everyone in the audience was on their feet and clapping and joining in...... Go Eric go...Good coda by Chris. Oh Shit!!
The band then all went for for a short break before the encore which started with Sunshine Of Your Love...(how surprising???).....This was followed by the obligatory (or so it seems) ..Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Again a  very moving rendition by a first time attendee.

Conclusion......The show finished about 9:15 pm. As a first time attendee I could not have been more happy with the show that I had seen.
But then again I am biased. Some minor problems with the equipment during the show, but hell...shit happens. After having seen later shows at the Budokan on 2nd and 3rd  December, good that it was, this show ales into insignificance with those shows

Thank you report Mr T.K

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