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Crossroads Centre at Antigua
Crossroads Centre at Antigua Crossroads Centre at antigua HomePage

These are the most famous and greatest Eric Clapton site in the world.
Please visit every day. You will find the latest information.
Where's ERIC! - The eric clapton fan club magazine
You can find all of Eric information.
The Eric Clapton FAQ USA This site is brother of Whre's Eric site.
think that this site is one of the best site.

We can find every categories information about EC.

The officaial ERIC CLAPTON fan club.

I must introduce this site. This site owner Mr Shinichiro Yoshino has many detail reports about Japan tour and Legends tour.
Crossroads Japan You can view tour imformation. His boot leg CD infomation is wonderful.(ask him directly) This site is written by English and owner is very friendly.I think this site is one of best site of Clapton.

And these are all my E-mail friends sites. Please visit to thier sites and e-mail to them.
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This is the new Europe Clapton Fan site.
I expect his activity.
Clapton Chronicles
This is the new Clapton Fan site.

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EC. Mainline Florida France This site has lot of things like more than 300pics and lots of mp3.
Eric Clapton France Owner Ludovic has a  site with mp3! Finland Owner Miika is very friendly.
There are news, lyrics, quiz and some others.
Jonior Swellbone’s Eric Clapton USA Owner Jr swellbone has good designed pages.
His news are quick and rich and detailed.
Wonderful page!
Eric Clapton  Japan Owner Mr Iwasaki starts his page about EC. 
We can read in English and see many rare goods. 
I hope his new works.
 Jim Crowley's Eric Clapton Site USA Owner Jim  live in san Francisco California USA. His site is very good design. 
The Belgian Eric Clapton Page Belgium This site is just started. I'm expected to update after this. This owner Kris is 24 years nice young man.
Easy Now  USA You can get many link of Clapton. I usualy use this page and owner is very friendly. This is one of greatest site of Clapton sites.
Clapton's Home Page Japan This owner is very good guitarist. He plays many Clapton songs and others. I want to hear his Live! (in Japanese)
My Personal Clapton Sweden This is nice site. His Clapton news were good but now stop. Owner is very nice.
Please use Clapton resources.
OLGA You can get many songs cord or tab.It's great.