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03th Aug 2002 Eric Clapton Show at Brands Hatch


Rain is also becoming stronger and stronger steadily.

Although it was heard writing a memorandum to this report, a memorandum also gets wet to rain and returns in this way. Even if it reads over, there are also many what it having spread and having been written and places which cannot be read.

Now, what is next it? Mr. Gary calculated the impressive intro on the piano.

This is !

I heard it for the first time in 21 years. A blue shadow. The arrangement of organ is good and the arrangement of this piano is also very good. There are some which come to the middle of the heart. a spectator -- everybody is also a large chorus.

The solo of EC is very good. It was a beautiful sound gentle to.

I aws very very happy to attend this show.


Next, it is the blues with a little quick tempo which can be heard well. Albert also took the solo the middle. The solo of EC is also good again. Operation which draws the last arm suddenly was done about 4 times, and it finished smartly.


This music of me was also the first. It is music light by Mr. Gary's vocal.
EC took the short solo.



It has returned without carrying out for 5 minutes. Rain is still stronger. 

I was hard to see by those who put an umbrella in the method of a woman of the rich Ferrari owner of the front block.

The concert for 50 minutes per hour finished.

They played 21 songs.

The visitors were 10,000 or less people.


Mr. Gary of two thirds of show was vocal. 
So he seemed to relax.
I thought that I was having a quiet feeling from beginning to end in the good meaning.

The thing with no atmosphere which has an opinion about the technique of the guitar of EC was very good.

For me, almost all music was listened to for the first time. It was really fortunate that it has participated in the concert of clearly different song selection from the usual tour music.

The latest tour Eric played many same songs and had long tour. 
I agree tour retirement.

I want EC to do only music to do liking@when he likes.
I will think in several years that it is strong.

Such concert regarded me as the best.

In the setlist there was "WONDERFUL TONIGHT". But it was not played.
I agree EC didn't play.
I think it is for the audience. NOT for EC.
 Mr EC please don't play that "for the audience song" no more.
We are OK we want to hear the songs you like.

I guess you were very enjoy on the stage.
I think that style is the best for you.

I'm very happy I could attend the wonderful FERRARI BAND show.
Thank you Mr EC.

Thank you very much.

I'm so sorry I 'm very poor in English.

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I don't agree to copy any images

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