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21th and 22th June 2001 Eric Clapton Show at MSG.

Opening act

At 8:00, yet, only a half is buried and a seat does not become precocious.

Doyle Bramhall 2

Doyle which enacts an opening performance after a long time was seen. It seemed to me that he was tired.

Key to the highway

EC appeared in the blue shirt with a quite fascinating color on the 21st. He appeared by expression which was shy so that it might be usual. After he did adlib lightly, this music started. I think that such one person blues of EC are very good. 
 EC appeared in the white shirt on the 22nd. A spectator is a cheer also with this uncanny day. I notice an intro being different. It became Driftin' as well as February 9 of RAH on that day. It seems that it was suddenly changed since SetList got from PA was set to Keyto. It was said that a reason was sent to him since the blues man, Mr. Joe Lee Hooker, passed away on the last day. However, EC had much cause of the concert of NY after a long time, cause of a retirement noise, and encouragement of a spectator.


The spectator applauded by the standing ovation, shortly after finishing. Billy Preston had participated in the keyboard this time. Good organ was able to be heard although I saw for the first time. It was exposed to the solo and cheer of Billy. The guitar performance of EC felt the complicated thing refreshed without doing.


Got you on my mind

The 3rd music was this. Since Impressons was not this time, I was very interesting in how this music is done. Although I was acoustic, I thought that this gentleman suited.

Tears in heaven 

The 4th music was this. The cheer was uncanny. The voice of EC had come out very much. Music was as usual. All were sung together. I realized hearing it overseas.

My friend of NY named Morgan could not overcome cancer but has passed away. I had promised to suit on that day. I sang remembering a friend. Many tears came out of me. The friend believed that I was coming to see from empty.


Bell bottom blues 

The 5th music was this.

I wonder audience were very good reaction.


Change the world

The spectator applauded by the standing ovation.



My Father's Eyes

This was very good.
I could hear very good solo part guitar.


River of Tears

‚a‚‰‚Œ‚Œ‚™ had veru good performance.

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